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Drum carrier (Drum lifter)

Drum carrier (Drum lifter) nosic-sudu-vertikalni-01.jpg
  • for handling metal plate barrels up to 200 l in vertical position
  • the device can be ordered with head for standard barrel (ČSN 160110) or lightened barrels, the gripping heads are exchangeable, the exchange is performed without tools and takes maximum 15s
  • for barrel protection against mechanical damage during handling
  • for removal of dangerous injuries and hard manual work
  • the device is installed on forks of forklift
  • the device functions automatically and needs no assistance other than forklifts driver
  • the barrel is gripped at the upper rim with a self-closing claw

Device types:

  • one barrel handling /standard/
  • simultaneous handling of two barrels /at customer request/
  • extended frame for remote handling inaccessible by standard lengths /at customer request/